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19 Jan 2015

So as I write this review; I am doing so on one of my boxes; this one I use for playing around with Ruby/Rails.

I use my Ruby box mostly for making my Jekyll site that you are reading right now.

I first started out using the free one and after a few months of fiddling around with it, I decided to pay for a subscription. So far… Pretty happy.

It lets me play around with:

Without having install apps on my Linux or Windows boxes. It just works.

It has:

I have had a few issue one of which is listed bellow, but overall pretty pleased with it.

I do feel like their desktop app is more refined for Mac then Windows.

If you have some spare cash and don’t want to hassle of setting up a Dev box for the languages above I would recommend try this out.


As of this writing (2015-01-19) there is still a bug in JS syntax highlighting. Upon using ‘use strict’; in my Node.js box, it seems to make all the syntax highlighting act weird. This was reported to their team as a bug but nothing has happened. That was six over months ago.