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Quick update!

25 Oct 2013

So I have not updated recently, just been busy, started a new/old job.

Post(s) to come are:

China Experiment

I went on eBay and purchased some Arudino clones and other hardware that is cheaper direct from eBay than it is from the bigger sites. So far I can say awesome savings and everything works so far! Longer more detailed post will come about each item how the pins are laid out any documentation I gathered and will post it. That way others maybe can find my site and it will help them.


Its a robot that I am working on (my kids wanted a robot and well this happened)  that will end up maybe having its own software stack and platform. Based around the Raspberry Pi and Android for the remote control. Progress so far!

JACK Building Blocks JACK Building Blocks - my kids wanted a robot and well this happened

Death by user error.... Death by user error….


Will be reviewing that here soon, excited to see what I can do with it, all the reviews I have read say its a great little board very open ended.

Gertboard 21 Oct. 2012 Gertboard 21 Oct. 2012

More to come soon!