Luke Dubber: Techno jargon



09 Feb 2011

So I just made the switch from to LibreOffice. Really nothing has changed to much. There have been some improvements, but also bugs. I just felt like I wanted a true open source office suite. The issue I had been hearing about was that since Oracle bough Sun, that they have kind of been moving at a slow speed and only letting Oracle staff work on it.

When LibreOffice spun up with the community members leaving, Oracle lashed out and had them step down.

What they want with LibreOffice is a true open source model such as the Linux Kernel, they wanted to also have the community add features and not be slowed down by one company who at any time could just change license and lock it down. I feel like I made the best choice for me. Also I kind of enjoyed telling Oracle what I thought. When you uninstall it take you to a website to ask questions on why and well I told them.