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Hacker Spaces Alaska

28 Nov 2010

OK so I am a little sad. There are no hacker spaces in Alaska anywhere, I know we only have around 710,000 but since its Alaska I would think we would have one if not more. I know a bunch of people who all have shops for welding, wood working, aircraft maintenance, etc. I know we have a nice sized ham radio fans here even around Kenai.

I often wonder why it might be we don’t have one. I would think that since we have long winters that having a space to get out and do things might be worth it. I do wonder if its just how Alaskans are, many come here to get away.

I have thought about starting one and I may start looking into that. But I think its a lot of planning. Just like some say need to get a few people who care a lot and from there.

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