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RepStrap Part 2

03 Sep 2010

So if anyone ever reads this might wonder why go with a RepStrap well I think I was inspired by Gavilan. He had a good a point about building and what he learned.

However, I now know how to write firmware and hostware to interface with microcontrollers, thermistors, endstops, and microstepping motors. I know how to solder through hole and surface mount components. I know how to model CAD parts to spec, and design schematics and circuit boards with Eagle. All this with only a software engineering background. Orginal Post

I am more from the software engineer side (self taught). I have most of the basic things I need already since I dabble in the Arduino.

So I hope to gain more knowledge and insight. Also it will be really cool, I think my son who is four who loves robots, space and now Mario Brothers will really enjoy the things I can make for him and the things we can make together.

My dream goal would be to expand upon this and to make a more accurate version that can compete with the professional models. I have looked at the CupCake CNC - MakerBot Industries</a> but I want to learn more then just making a kit. Also in the long run it would be fun to see how cheap you could make one.