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RepStrap Part 1

03 Sep 2010

So I have been looking at the RepRap for a while (RepRap is an open source rapid prototype 3d printer) and have not been into it much until I ran across a post on hackaday about a guy who created a RepStrap which is a kind of hand built version of the Darwin (v1) to a Mendel unit (v2).

Now what got me was that he built a RepStrap which I was unaware of; which then helps you make the parts to turn your RepStrap into a RepRap or make the Mendel version. So now I have decided to look into making my own with the end goal of turning my RepStrap to a RepRap and then make a Mendel. This guys have some great links and posts about it and I hope to start up a conversation about it soon.

Check it out.